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Animation good, feet bad

Pretty funny, well animated. The only problem is that them being airpods or headphones really doesn't play in to the story or comedy in any way.

Obligatory Brian Griffin joke.

No music? Seems kind of essential to something like this...

nicefieldSFM responds:

Yeah I know, but it's basically a gif. I post it in movie format for better graphic quality.

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"A timeless classic."
- TIME Magazine, circa 1977

Fucking. Glorious.


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Very, very good. Very.

Honestly, I had to go evaluate the rest of your music and do research to make sure it hadn't been stolen from a producer and uploaded here.

If you get your mixing down, I sincerely believe you can hit the big time. Other high quality producers have come from Newgrounds, so it's not impossible! Space Laces is one I'd consider "Newgrounds Alumni."

As for mixing tips, make sure nothing it clipping! The only real problem I see is that in certain parts, especially during the build ups and drops, there's unintentional distortion from things just being too loud and peaking. There's a crackling in the high end at 0:52 that's the result of this. Try just turning the master down slightly and see how it sounds then, but if you're putting everything through a limiter try toning it back.

Zepheriyah responds:

WOW! Thanks for the very detailed review! I greatly appreciate your help. I still am pretty bad at mixing currently lol. I just slap a limiter on it and hope for the best, I will have to study it a bit more.

Good try so far.

To make your kick stand out against the bass, sidechain the bass to the kick's hit. Many DAWs have a version of a "peak controller" that basically says "when this sound reaches this volume, do this thing." You can set a peak controller to adjust the volume or the low end mix of your bass when the kick hits. I encourage you to look up how to do sidechaining and peak controlling on the DAW you use on youtube! I'm sure you'll find something.

Again a good start, but it's ruined by misplaced tritones.

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Nothing in them? :(

If I could do emojis, you'd have a big a big string of hearts.

*Joke about having a nut in the dark.*


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