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What in the hell even is this...

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QWAZDYN responds:


-Arkil- This is a Glitch -Arkil- This is a Glitch

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Not very good, but it has potential so I'm scouting you.

Garaschuk v yarosti Garaschuk v yarosti

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Wot. I don't think recording yourself yelling over a techno track sounds as your own content.

Platinum Cruiser Platinum Cruiser

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Try looking up things about Music Theory!

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5ignal WIP 5ignal WIP

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I would try not brickwalling and widening the synths so much, it makes it sound a bit muddier. Try to find that perfect balance between clarity and loudness. Very crisp and distinguishable synths are a big part of house music (or at least for the artists I listen to :P)

Norato responds:

There is nothing as brickwalling...

-~DAS~- (Unfinished) Indescribable Insanity -~DAS~- (Unfinished) Indescribable Insanity

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Oww, my ears... You have the tools, you should try making something a bit more, musical!

DaAlexSeed responds:

I suck with FL Studio ATM... I'm still learning how the mixer works lol

DefectiveFork - Unkonwn Signal DefectiveFork - Unkonwn Signal

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Not bad. Consider yourself scouted.

Yamabushi Yamabushi

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Pretty snazzy. If the beginning with the bell and the strings was slowed down, it would make a great RPG soundtrack piece.

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TheDukeofJuke responds:

Hmm...VIP idea maybe? :) Not a bad thought. Thanks for the kind words.

Torrential Downpour Torrential Downpour

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Good stuff for only your second song. Scouted, my friend.

Starry Night Starry Night

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While the gentlemen and you both are correct about it having bass, there isn't enough bass in the right places. Of course there are no hard rules to mixing, but there are things that people across the board can pretty much agree on, and one of them is what sounds good on the low end.

The kick is definitely there if not a bit muddy, but they are right when they say there isn't much of any bassline because while it might be there, you can't hear it because the low end is polluted by reverb from other things. On FL Studio and pretty much any reverb plugin I can thing of, you can control how far down in frequency your reverb will sound. Keep it in the same lane as the instrument itself, whether it's in the mids or highs. As a general rule of thumb, never ever put reverb in low end frequencies, they'll clog up your mix with mud. Another way to clear up your low end mix is to put a side chain on your bassline, so when the kick hits it will lower in volume so the kick and bass won't be fighting for the same space. You can use panning to clear up room in higher frequencies, but it's not advisable to do that in the low end because it sounds weird as hell. Try sidechaining some upper frequencies with your snare and lower frequencies with your kick, if you like that effect.

The biggest problem many musicians and producers have is that they fill up their mix with too much stuff that's unchecked, and the frequencies bleed into each other and make bad sounds. Hopefully some of the stuff I said helps you out a bit!

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5TanLey responds:

I think I already do almost everything you said, but it still doen't sound very clear :D.. anyway thx for a great review!